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We hope you are well and staying safe!

Since mid-March, Milagro Center has proactively stepped up to begin filling the out-of-school gap that our academically at-risk, economically challenged children and teens are facing and appealed to our many supporters to help.


The most important tasks at this time are to continue to help stem the academic slide for our youngest, most vulnerable children while also taking care of the most basic needs of their families – food. We have begun distributing bagged meals and food supplies along with grade-appropriate academic worksheets, “art-to-go packets” and other resources to the parents of each Milagro child each week right outside our front doors – one family at a time with strict social distancing measures.

As a valued Milagro Center supporter, won’t you please step up during this crisis? We need your help with these critical funding shortages:

1. ADDITIONAL FUNDING FOR BOOKS, READING & MATH WORKBOOKS, AND ART MATERIALS We need adequate funds to provide individual academic and art packets to our elementary school children from now until the end of the school year (which we estimate to be approximately $5,000 to fund); and now, perhaps even for a virtual summer camp!

2. FFUNDING TO SUPPLY FOOD STAPLES AND NUTRITIOUS MEALS  Due to job losses and income, our families need basic food to maintain the health of their children – a fundamental need! Every dollar donated will help.

3. FUNDING TO REPLACE GRANTS IN JEOPARDY Although we are anticipating the majority of our major grant payments to continue through this period, several reimbursement grants for in-person academic and cultural arts classes may be in jeopardy – perhaps a loss to us of as much as $25,000 between now and May, which will negatively impact the operation of our programs.

4. FUNDING TO OFFSET THE LOSS OF SUBSIDIZED FAMILY TUITION With the current suspension of our on-site programs, we are facing the loss of the monthly subsidized family tuition we receive; approximately $4,500 per month (anticipated loss for the next 3 months, the remainder of the school year), further impacting our operating revenue and ability to provide programming.

To fully weather the impact of the current health crisis, we need additional funds to take us through the end of the school year – and perhaps even more if regular summer camp programs are not able to operate.

You have been a wonderful supporter of Milagro Center’s programs and I hope you will consider making a gift – whatever amount you can – to fill these most important needs at this most important time. Please click on the link to make a donation.

With our most sincere gratitude from the entire dedicated Milagro team –

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Barbara J. Stark, M.A.
President & CEO
Milagro Center

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