To help preserve the health and safety of our students, their families, our staff and our volunteers, Milagro Center has created the Bridges Virtual Summer Camp, which will take place in two sessions – June 2 to July 3 and July 7 to August 6.

Through unique and innovative programming utilizing on-line platforms, the Bridges Virtual Summer Camp will feature many of the elements that our S.T.A.R.S. summer camp is known for:

Virtual Field Trips – YMCA Virtual Swim Coding – Literacy – Math – Gardening Cooking – Science Experiments Scavenger Hunts – Drama – Art – Dance Fitness – Talent Shows & MORE!

Our summer camp program will serve as an important bridge between the school years and all of the participants. Campers of all ages will be able to reconnect with each other and their favorite teachers and staff as they learn, read, discover and excel.

In keeping with the Milagro Center tradition, the Bridges Virtual Summer Camp will be a summer to remember!

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The Bridges Virtual Summer camp is open to Milagro Center S.T.A.R.S. students ONLY!

For more information on how to register or how to become a S.T.A.R.S. student, contact Kendra Williams by clicking here.

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Class Descriptions

Yoga – Join in for relaxation, flexibility, stress relief, and calming your mind and body. Stretch to the STARS!

Reading – Open a book and open your mind. Enjoy Reading along with Mrs. Kendra, Senior Director and shine like a STAR with the reading strategies you’ll gain to support your reading!

Art – Come along on a artastic adventure with Mr. Rick, Cultural Arts Director. Create your own masterpieces and show your STAR talent!

STEM – Explore , build, conduct science experiments and show off your tech skills with Ms. Kim, STEM instructor. STAR power is welcome!

Drama Dance – What’s my line? Perform like a true STAR with moves like Jagger and a healthy does of acting skills!

Math – Multiply Summer fun with Ms. Debany, STARS Instructor. Problem solving, Number Sense, Graphing, and Money are just a few areas STARS will shine their lights on!

Gardening – Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow? With silver bells and STARS -shaped shells and Hibiscus all in a row. Find out in our Gardening course as we explore Gardening 101 and some of the perfect vegetation to grow in sunny South Florida!

Cooking – Yummy to my tummy! No cooking involved! Put on your apron and join your fellow STARS in the kitchen.

Spelling Bee – It’s time to get buzzy, ooops busy with preparation for our annual Spelling Bee. Ms. Delsue, STARS Literacy Instructor will guide you along the way. S-T-A-R-S spells STARS. Milagro students are STARS.*

Social Time – Time to unwind and relax with your friends. STARS will take time to end the day with socializing via free time with each other.

YMCA Swim – How you might ask? Join in and find out! No worries, there’s no need to get wet. YMCA has you covered.

Fitness – We need to keep in our best STARShape and Ms. Shantel can show us how. Lace up your tennis shoes and grab your water bottle. It’s about to get hot, even for a STAR!

Reading Buddies – There’s no need to read alone, when you can have a buddy! Share your favorites with each other as you read together all Summer long.

SEL – Social Emotional Learning will support students with relationship-building, emotion management, showing empathy towards, and other crucial social skills. Shine like the STARS we know you are using the skills learned in these sessions.

Music – Get ready for some musical fun with Mr. Ken, Music Director and Mr. Tom, Music Instructor. Explore multiple genres of music, instruments, and fine-tune your instrument playing for maximum STAR power!

Literacy Intervention – When you need some one-on-one time and individual support, Ms. Gale is right there! Practice reading skills with our Literacy Intervention Specialist to take your reading to the next level. Your lesson is just that..YOURS!

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Parent Resources

There is help available for families during this tough time. Click here to view available resources.